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“If there is only one job you have as a leader, it is to care”

“If there is only one job you have as an architect, it is to simplify”

“Always ask the question ‘is there a better normal?’”

“Learning is set of beliefs and actions consistent with open mindedness”

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

In this post I demonstrate a solution to generalize the creation of class attributes for various write-count-limited scenarios, such as:

  1. Class-level constant attributes (read-only)
  2. Write-once attributes, i.e. can be written once and then become read-only
  3. Object-level constant attributes (read-only)
  4. Attributes which can be written a number of times up to…
Photo by Sebastian Ahmed


In this article I describe how this seemingly provocative concept is actually a template for up-leveling development to attain high-velocity and efficient use of people-time.

Although this concept can be applied to any phase of development, I focus on the front-end phases which define architectures and the direction for development…

Sebastian Ahmed

Technology Leader | Systems Architect | Programmer | Photographer

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